A dental implant is a small titanium cylinder that is gently placed into the jaw bone to replicate the root of a tooth supporting a crown, bridge or perhaps a special custom-made denture. If you have a gap in your smile, dental implants could be the dental treatment you need to restore your confidence.

How do dental implants work?

After a dental implant is placed, it slowly integrates with the bone (a process a known as osseointegration). A strong union is then formed. Connectors are placed into the implants. These in turn help retain crowns, bridges or dentures.

Dental implants have been available for many years and scientific studies have shown that their long-term success is extremely high. For many patients, dental implants are the gold standard dental treatment and offer the ideal solution for their dental needs.

Single Tooth




Whole Arch


Implant – retained Denture


Am I suitable for Dental Implants?

For any advanced dental treatment, your oral and general health should be assessed to ensure the success of your dental implants. This will be done by our dentists who have had advanced training in dental implantology.

Factors that determine success of treatment include your general health, whether you smoke, the health of your mouth and remaining teeth, any medication that you take, and the amounts of bone available at the proposed implant site. Every case is individual therefore each patient will receive a personalised treatment plan to suit them.

If you think that a dental implant could be the solution you need to improve your dental health and appearance, book an appointment with one of our implant-trained dentists.

Dental Implants FAQs

Q. I would like to find out the cost of implants and how long it takes?

A. Each case is individual and your implant dentist will discuss what is involved at your consultation. There are various protocols for placing and restoring implants. In some cases implants can be placed and restored on the same visit, in other cases the treatment can take several visits to complete. To receive a personalised costing and estimate of the time involved please book a new patient consultation.

The cost of a fully restored single implant starts from £2000.

Too late for implants?

Q. I have had dentures since a young age and like the idea of dental implants. Is it too late now that I am 60?

A. Age is not a contraindication to dental implant treatment. The age of the patients that we see can range from young adults to patients in their 80s. There is no age limit.

In our experience we find that denture wearers of all ages benefit from implant based treatments. If you are struggling with your existing denture, our implant-trained dentists can carry out a full assessment and find the right solution for you.

Q. What options are available for very large gaps?

I have a large gap due to four missing teeth at the left hand side of my lower jaw. My dentist says that the gap is too big for a bridge but I do not want a denture. What other options are there?

A. In many cases, a dental implant based treatment can help you here. It could be two implants placed at either end of the space to support a bridge or even four implants placed to support individual crowns. The key thing is to arrange a consultation with a dentist who has advanced training in dental implants so that you can be thoroughly assessed and all the options given to you.

Unhappy with Dentures

Q. I currently wear full dentures as I had all my teeth extracted many years ago. I am unhappy with my dentures as they are loose and have started dropping down. Is there anything I can do?

A. Many of our patients have benefited from having implants placed to retain a customised denture. Often this can be achieved by placing just 2 implants with special attachments. Our patients often tell us that it is a wonderful feeling to have a denture that is secure. Chewing is no longer a problem. They can laugh and speak with confidence knowing that the denture will not move or drop. If you feel you may benefit from such treatments please arrange a consultation.

Dental Implants for front teeth

Q. I have a missing upper front tooth. At the moment I have a little denture but I want a solution where I don’t need to take it out every day; could dental implants help me?

A. In the vast majority of cases, yes. Dental implants can give you a predictable long-term fixed solution. Natural looking implant crowns are possible especially with the advent of zirconia abutments (tooth coloured connectors) and CADCAM technologies (Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacture). Your dentist will assess your general health and the health of your mouth. Importantly, this will include an assessment of the quantity and quality of bone. Even if there is not enough bone, implant treatment may still be possible by harvesting bone from another part of your mouth or by using bone substitutes.

Here at Ravat & Ray Dental Care, our highly trained implant team can give you the right solution whatever your implant needs.