Smile Heroes

Welcome to the Ravat & Ray Smile Heroes

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Super Ravat & Super Ray are the Smile Heroes for Ravat & Ray Dental Care. They help us to fight against plaque and tooth decay and will give us special instructions on how to look after our body and teeth. You can also download the Smile Heroes special posters and facts to help you at home and at school. You can then share what you learn with your friends and your family.

To help you get started the Smile Heroes have a few things to say:

Super_Ravat_No background with glow

Super Ravat Says;

‘Hey guys, we need to make sure we brush our teeth for at least 2 minutes, twice a day to help fight off any bad bugs, also known as plaque, that can stick to our teeth and cause us problems’
‘We also need to make sure that we are using a fluoride tooth paste to help protect our teeth from any bug attacks throughout the day and also fight them through the night’

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Super Ray Says;

‘All children need to make sure they have a well-balanced diet with a small amount of sugar because we want to make sure that you and your teeth grow up big and strong’
‘It is also very important that you visit their dentist, so they can check whether your teeth are strong and your gums are healthy’

Smile Heroes Tooth Brushing Chart

If you need any help to make sure you brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes morning and night, then you can download the Smile Heroes Tooth Brushing Chart by clicking image below.

Brush chart

Please be sure to check with your parent or guardian if you can print this before you do.

Enjoy your new Smile Heroes with Ravat & Ray Dental Care.


Smile Heroes – Super Smart Dental Facts.
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