Our Wigan practice are again the first practice in the country to complete the second stage of Healthy Living Dentistry

We are proud to announce that our Wigan team have become the first dental practice in the country to complete stage two of the Healthy Living Dentistry scheme which is ran by the Local Dental Committee and the Local Authority.

This programme has been developed to help support local dental practices to provide general health advice to their patients, with an aim of preventing the development of long term health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

To complete stage two of this programme, the staff were required to accept new NHS patients that had recently been diagnosed with Cancer and required emergency care before any treatment could be carried out. They also had to take part in 6 different health campaigns which had to include a promotional board displayed in the waiting room of the practice. The team also had to become diabetes champions so that they could help their patients that may be suffering from diabetes by giving them vital advice.

All staff have done extremely well and co-ordinator of the scheme, Kerry Thompson quoted ‘you have done over and above what you were required to do.’

She added, ‘Exciting, you’ll be the first Level 2’.

Well done to all the team involved, we are delighted to see that you have once again completed this stage of the Healthy Living Dentist scheme and look forward to seeing you aim towards the final level.