Your Chance To Shine

We all spend most of our lives in work but there is no reason why you should have to come in and deal with the same problem every day. If you can see ways of making that problem go away then let’s make that change and make all of our lives easier.

GEMS is a new Ravat & Ray staff suggestion scheme that recognises and rewards ideas which are implemented. The GEMS scheme encourages all employees to contribute constructive ideas for improving efficiency and organisation anywhere within the group, and recognises the value of that contribution.
The scheme is designed to capture any suggestion that satisfies one or more of the following;

• Achieving greater efficiency or savings to the organisation
• Improving operational effectiveness in practice
• Raising quality
• Improving the design, use or maintenance of equipment
• Improving health and safety
• Benefiting the environment, and
• Removing unnecessary bureaucracy

Those staff members that submit suggestions which are implemented and, where it can be demonstrated there is improvement to the organisation, management or delivery of services in a practice or the organisation, will receive a financial reward.