Supportive Team

The support that we offer at Ravat & Ray Dental Care is what makes the organisation unique. Whatever your job role you will enjoy high quality personalised support from your first day. Our Head Office team will support you alongside your practice team and aid you settling into your new role.

Whilst working for Ravat & Ray you will have regular meetings with your line manager who will discuss your personal development plan. You will also have a yearly Performance Development Review meeting where you will be set goals and achievements for the following year, as well as review those from the previous year.

We recognise the importance of learning & further development not only to support our employees but to maximise their full potential. Within our personal development strategy we have a number of solutions which helps to provide the essential training for all staff members across the organisation.

We are passionate about providing learning opportunities for all employees to grow and develop their careers; as well as enabling them to drive forward and give an outstanding performance.

The Head Office Team have specific roles to guide and support your needs, these include; HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing and Estates.