Training And Development

At Ravat & Ray Dental Care we recognise the importance of learning & further development not only to support our employees but to maximise their full potential. Within our personal development strategy we have a number of solutions which helps to provide the essential training for all staff members across the organisation.

We are passionate about providing learning opportunities for all employees to grow and develop their careers; as well as enabling them to drive forward and give an outstanding performance.

CPD Training

We support all of our staff in completing their Continuous Professional Development. Therefore each year we conduct an annual staff training needs analysis, which helps to develop a 12 month training schedule. Staff can then attend the courses that are relevant to their needs, which are usually scheduled within normal working hours and are paid for by the organisation.

Post Qualifications

We actively encourage all staff member to develop their interests and gain further qualifications; therefore we help provide the opportunities to staff, either by full or partially funding further development courses and post graduate qualifications.

Training &  Development