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Hi my name is Stephanie Shuker and I am currently the Practice Manager for the Wigan Practice.

In 2007 I worked as a cleaner for the Pemberton Health Centre, Wigan, where the practice is located. I didn’t get the best results at school; however I always wanted to be a Dental Nurse. I never thought I would have the opportunity to become a Dental Nurse because I was not very academic. As Ravat & Ray Dental Care was based within the Health Centre I took the opportunity to talk to one of the staff about how to become a Dental Nurse. Ravat & Ray took a chance on me and encouraged me to become a trainee Dental Nurse working with them. I was scared at the time as I have never been to college before and the thought of studying all over again at the age of 28 was daunting. I did feel slightly intimidated from the younger students at first but I was keen to learn and to make a better future for my children, therefore I just got my head down and studied really hard.

I qualified with a NVQ level 3 in dental nursing in 2012, I continued to do a lot of on the job training to improve my skills nursing skills. Ravat and Ray Dental care where very supportive and a great deal of the training was provided by the company.
In 2013 a new Practice Manager took over the running of the Wigan practice, I was keen on developing my skills wherever possible and began to take on additional duties within the practice. During this time I have learned a large amount of the management skills and knowledge. In September 2013 and having proved that I was capable, I was promoted to Senior Dental Nurse. When the Practice Manager was not present in practice, I took on her roles and responsibilities ensuring the practice ran efficiently in her absence. In addition to this I was placed on a Team Leadership course to help further improve my management skills. From this I achieved a Level 3 Diploma in Team Leadership, which gave me a lot more confidence in myself and my management abilities.

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In June 2014 I was delighted when I was promoted to Practice Manager. I am very proud of myself to achieve all this in such a short space of time and feel during the next few years with Ravat & Ray I could learn much more. I will continue to achieve above and beyond my goals with the help, support and advice from all Senior Management within Ravat & Ray Dental Care, as well as with my hard work and dedication.