360 Awards


Lucie always goes above and beyond her regular duties of care and has a passion to ensure that all patients go out the door wearing a smile. She is also very keen to engage with the local community and the patients that are registered within the practice. Therefore when the opportunity arose for Lucie to apply for a grant which is provided by Heart Your Smile, a charity that celebrates the dental profession, providing the dental team with the tools to engage with their local community, celebrating their successes and guiding them to deliver a positive dental experience to their patients, she did not hesitate. To receive the Innovation 360 grant dental professionals must have completed a full application form explaining why they are different from others and what they have planned to use this grant for. Although any of the dental team could apply for this grant Lucie was the first dental nurse in the country to be granted the Innovation 360 from Heart Your Smile.

Lucie won the grant by proving to Heart Your Smile that her Innovative approach would make a difference to the local community and would help Lucie give out vital oral health advice to those who need it most. Lucie is a keen oral health promoter and therefore both planned and held an oral health stall at this years ‘Party in the Park’ within the local community. Here she gave out oral health and dietary advice, leaflets and free samples to encourage community participation. Lucie also arranged for one of our Dentists to come along to do free oral cancer assessments on the day.

Lucie is very passionate about trying to reduce the amount of caries within children in Salford, especially due to the area having one of the highest caries rates in the North West of England and has therefore also been involved with other local health providers to give out vital advice to parents and children. Lucie has also arranged for the team to take part in a local health collaborative again to provide necessary oral health advice to the local community.

Lucie believes that the lack of education is the reason for the high caries rate within the area and therefore after recently completing the Certificate in Oral Health Education, she has made it her mission to help educate and advise others.