Healthy Living Dentistry

Our Wigan practice is believed to be the first dental practice in the country to complete stage one of the ‘Healthy Living Dentistry’ programme.

The programme has been developed in partnership between the areas Local Dental Committee and the Local Authority of the Borough which supports dental practices to provide general health advice to patients with the aim of preventing the development of long term health conditions.

In order to complete stage one staff were required to undertake additional training in recognising the long term health risks associated with alcohol abuse, smoking and obesity. Staff members were also made aware of the local service available for patients and were provided with contact details to give to patients to ensure they receive the most appropriate treatment and support as quickly as possible. Following written examination all staff was awarded the Royal Society of Public Health Understanding Health Improvement Level 2 certificate.

It is understood that this is the first programme of its type to be delivered in a dental setting and that by default our Wigan practice could be the first in the country to have completed and be delivering stage one part of the programme.

The Wigan team have always been proactive in offering patients support and advice and already taken part in campaigns such as: National Smile Month, Diabetes Awareness and the National Transplant Week, which have all contributed to the practice receiving its level 1 within the ‘Healthy Living Dentistry’ programme. To help continue to promote ‘Healthy Living Dentistry’ the practice will participate in further national health campaigns such as; Stoptober, Oral Cancer Awareness Month and Baby Teeth Do Matter.

To make the most of your smile it is also crucial to ensure you take care of your general health as well as your oral health. At Ravat & Ray Dental Care we always try to ensure you walk away with a smile.