Easter egg hunt fun at local primary school

On Tuesday 15th March, the staff from our Rumworth practice visited local primary school in Deane, St. Mary’s. The day started at 9am where the dental team observed a class of nursery children whilst they used their schools Brush Bus system to clean their teeth, soon after they had arrived. Whilst the children registered, the staff made every effort to hide the plastic Easter eggs which later the children would be tasked to find for the Easter egg hunt.

Once registration had finished the nursery children were asked to find the eggs which were located on the playground. They were then asked to count how many eggs each group had found, at which stage they were also presented with an Easter goody bag, full of dental goodies to take home. At 10am the children started their usual snack time.

After snack time, the staff completed oral health talks, which included tooth brushing instructions and diet advice to two classes of reception age children. They then completed a similar Easter Egg Hunt with both reception classes.

Before the day’s events, the reception class had also decorated some plastic Easter eggs, which a winner was chosen for the best design. The staff from the practice really enjoyed their visit to St. Mary’s Primary School, they are looking forward to their next visit.

Below are the pictures from the school visit;