Did you know tooth whitening in local beauty salons may be illegal?

You may have recently seen stories on the news regarding illegal tooth whitening and how local businesses are being prosecuted for performing this treatment?  Well if you haven’t you may want to check that the person performing your whitening treatment is a registered dental professional.

There have been a large amount of prosecutions recently for those carrying out tooth whitening illegally which you can see by visiting the General Dental Council (GDC) website here. On 12th February 2016 a woman was fined £1000 and ordered to pay £150 as a victim surcharge after pleading guilty to carrying out illegal tooth whitening within her salon, without being a registered dental professional. The defendant was also ordered to pay the GDC’s costs which totalled a huge £3063.82.

Following advice from the GDC and Trading Standards, Regis a beauty salon organisation that holds concession stands at 52 Tesco stores has removed the option to offer teeth whitening. Hair and Beauty Chain Regis scrapped this service from all its 130 locations in the UK following this guidance. A spokeswoman for Regis confirmed that they would no longer offer any teeth whitening services at any of its salons. She also said Regis had always believed the self-administered service they offered was entirely legal, however on the advice of trading standards, they decided to withdraw it.

Tooth whitening is the practice of dentistry and, by law, dentistry must only be carried out by professionals whom are registered with the GDC. If you would like to check that the person who is carrying out your teeth whitening is a GDC registered professional please click here.

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To report your concerns regarding any form of illegal tooth whitening you can either click here or alternatively you can call the team at the GDC on 0207 167 6000.