Ravat & Ray Dental Care attend Bolton

Privileged to be invited to attend the Bolton Health Mela on Saturday 15th March, Ravat & Ray Dental Care didn’t hold back on the offer. 


Whilst putting on a fantastic display for the day, the team also handed out goodies such as, free tubes of tooth paste, tooth brushes, pencil erasers, information leaflets and much more for the children.


Not only did they hand out these goodies but also signed patients up on the day to register at their new practice within Bolton One. In return these patients recieved a free re-usable bag containing extra samples and goodies.


The fun didn’t stop there as they also made visual aids to allow people to understand the sugar content within the foods and drink they love the most, which proved very popular with both children and adults. 


Ravat & Ray Dental Care believe educating the general public about good oral health is as important as doing so with their registered patients. They are looking forward to the next health mela event and attending the 6th annual health mela in Bolton next year.


The University’s E-Learning Adminstrator Emma Harman who organised the Health Mela later provided Ravat & Ray with feedback of their stall; “We have had great feedback from your stand. Visitors have stated they got a lot of information, that you were the best stall at the event in which they gained most satisfaction from and you had the most votes in people signing up to the surgery”.