Sponsors of Hindsford CE Primary Sports Kit

On Thursday 3rd December, partners Mark Ray and Irfan Ravat visited Hindsford CE Primary School to present the children with their sponsored sports kit. The presentation took place in front of an assembly of around 100 students, which started with a number of thank you wishes from the children to Ravat & Ray Dental Care.

Speeches took place followed with a presentation of the ‘Battling Blues’ kit, sponsored by Ravat & Ray Dental Care.

Mark Ray said; ‘It’s a great honour to be part of something so important to the school. We look forward to seeing some positive results from those wearing the kit and would like to wish you all the luck in your future sporting games wearing our logo.’

The Hindsford CE ‘Battling Blues’ shirts will be used for any scheduled games and sporting matches which will include Rugby and Football.